Monday, 30 March 2009

Its a reasonable question

Credit where credit is due.

The motion, to be filed this morning by Nepean-Carleton Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre, a member of the access to information, privacy and ethics committee, will ask Google Inc. chief executive Eric Schmidt to appear before the Canadian government.

Poilievre wants to examine the privacy implications of the firm's Street View and how Canadian laws can be best adjusted in order to deal with such services in the future. Last week it was revealed that Google may have breached Canadian privacy laws by failing to notify Canadians before it sent its camera-laden cars out to photograph Canadian cities.

Poilievre goes on to explain that he is seeking to understand the implications of Google Street View (and other technologies) so it can be incorporated into any legislation that is introduced to protect Canadian privacy. Its not a knee-jerk reaction (unlike say, their crime legislation) but the beginnings of a sound approach to fomenting policy.


ADHR said...

...a sound approach? From the Conservatives? I doubt it. ;)

Catelli said...

I know, and its PP even.

Maybe he likes to be well informed before he goes off the deep end.

PeterC said...

What about...

"If you don't have anything to hide, you have nothing to fear" from the conservative side of the house?

Or does that only apply when they think they can "get" liberals?

Let us hope that an informed compromise between privacy and really cool toys comes out of this. I like my cool toys...


Catelli said...


It is a legitimate point of debate: what level of privacy can Canadians expect, deserve and accomplish in this day and age?

The intelligent will realize that it is three questions rolled into one.