Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I find it odd

That the Chretien Liberal government was constantly pessimistic in its budget forecasts (resulting in bigger than expected surpluses) and the Harper Conservative government is proving optimistic in its budget forecasts (resulting in, "Oh shit!").

If I had to pick the party and/or leader that would fit the definition of having a "sunshine and roses" outlook, I would have gone with the Liberals under Chretien. Shows what I know.

Not only should Flaherty resign as Finance Minister. He should resign as an MP, turn in his passport and move to Zimbabwe. His financial acumen is almost a match for Mugabe's.


ADHR said...

Flaherty's a disgrace. It's not the deficit, as such. If this is necessary, then it's necessary. I can't take the constantly changing story. We're not going to go into deficit. Then we are, but it's not a recession. Then it is, but a mild one. Then it's serious, but we're going to be okay, as long as we spend a crapload of money.

If the guy could just be straight with us, and with Parliament, I'd find this all easier to take.

Catelli said...

And yet he's sticking to his "we'll still pay it off in time" story.

At what point will he realize he has no credibility with his projections?

PeterC said...

Ummm, yo, anyone remember Ontario? Harris? This is EXACTALLY the same crap pulled there. Read his wikipedia page about the details of his stint there and ask yourself what changed?