Wednesday, 22 July 2009

This Summer Sucks!

If you live in Ontario, you've spent the last 2 months waiting for summer to arrive.

It hasn't. We've had one? week of good warm weather. The rest of the time has been cool and rainy. We thought last summer cold wet and miserable. The summer of 2009 is even worse.

Our annual vacation revolves around camping, usually in one of Ontario's amazing provincial parks. Since February we've had a site reserved at Killbear provincial park for the first two weeks of August. The excitement in all of us was slowly building as the time approached. With one worried eye focused on the weather. Cold rainy weather is the most miserable weather to camp in. Especially if you are beach hounds like us.

And then "it" happened. In mid-June I had joined a men's slow-pitch league. The first few games were quite painful as muscles that hadn't been used in almost 20 years were called into action. But on July 16th I was finally feeling loose and quite comfortable.

I was playing left field when a shallow fly ball was hit out to left-centre field. I sprinted in to make the play, I knew it was going to be close, but I was going to make that out. My eyes were glued on the ball, my glove positioning for the catch while I was running flat out. And then I heard, and felt, a loud pop! and all of a sudden I was down and rolling on the grass. Something in my right leg had let go and it was feeling numb below the knee. My team-mates pulled me up and walked me into the infield.

I determined I could stand and played the rest of the game as catcher, as we were short players that night. I batted for two singles with a pinch runner and even caught a pop-up while catching. Dragging my right leg around I still managed to be effective.

After the game (we lost by one run) we retreated to the bar to lick our wounds. Another player had taken a ball to the face which caused his nose to bleed for about an hour, another player was already sore from previous games and also was unable to run. I voted to rename our team "The Cripples" as the damaged and injured threatened to outnumber the hale.

I wasn't in much pain. It was more numb than anything. Everyone (including myself) thought I had sprained or strained something. I could wiggle my toes and move my foot, though only slightly. I felt down my right calf to determine the extent of the injury and everything felt squishy. In my left leg, I could easily trace the achilles tendon, but in the right I couldn't find it. Concerned I left the bar and drove over to the hospital (right foot gas, left foot brake).

After three hours in emergency, I saw the attending physician, who confirmed my worst fears. Ruptured achilles tendon. They put a half cast on my leg, sold me crutches ($35) and sent me home. As it was 2am by this point, I drove myself home.

On Sunday I had surgery to repair it, and my leg was sealed in another cast. Open in the front, but encasing the back of my leg from ankle to knee. Sunday night I was back in Emerge to deal with the resulting swelling and intense pain. A shot of Tylenol(!) to the ass (it was a big needle) and I was sent back home. Damn was that shot effective, it eliminated the pain almost immediately. The swelling went down and has stayed down since. Ever since I've been home laying on the couch, with my leg elevated on a pillow and feeling somewhat sorry for myself. I think I'm entitled to some self-pity.

And this has ended our vacation plans. We have canceled the reservation and are going through the procedure to get a full refund (50% unless justification provided. We're a shoe-in.) I'm laid up for 6-8 weeks, or the rest of the summer. Can't walk, run, bike, drive, or play with my sons. Hell, even though I'm sitting down I can't even drink beer as it wouldn't play nice with the drugs I'm on.

The only consolation about the lost camping vacation is, this summer sucks. Who wants to go camping in this shit?


ADHR said...

I -went- camping in this shit. In Vermont, but the weather wasn't much better.

Guess you've got time to catch up on your reading now, eh? Good to hear it wasn't anything too serious, though.

Catelli said...

heh. Good thing I got some chapters-indigo gift cards for my birthday. I'll doing some online shopping.

The doctors I've talked to agree, though not serious, this is the worst injury for inconvenience. The healing is quite delicate, so I have to be immobile for a looong time.

The hardest part? Figuring out the shower. Something we haven't managed yet.

Again, good thing the weather hasn't been that hot...

Ken Breadner said...

Okay, you are one tough bastard. You also have special dispensation from me to say this summer sucks all you want.

Catelli said...

I gather you've been enjoying it? ;)

Ken Breadner said...

Yep. If only because the air conditioner in our bedroom has been on exactly once.

Anonymous said...

Helloooo. You live in C A N A D A.

Catelli said...

I know, greatest country in the world, shouldn,t really be complaining should I?