Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Dear Faithful Readers

So what happened? As Andrew Coyne so succinctly put it, "Writers Block".

My blog had become mostly political in nature, and over the summer a malaise had set in. I just found I didn't have anything left to write about. Politics is too depressing a theme lately.

So. In an attempt to start over, I'm discarding my old blog and identity and assuming a new one. Nice thing about a nom de guerre, it is like a worn suit. When no longer suitable, just give it up and find a new one with a better fit.

So, Closet Liberal is no more, instead, refer to me by an old nickname: Catelli. It comes from my high school basketball days; my coach famously described me as a "wet spaghetti noodle running down the court." This blog will contain (hopefully) my rantings, ravings and occasional lucid comments about whatever inspires me to put pen to.... er... keyboard to screen.


Saskboy said...

I hope you didn't delete the old one? If so, get back the address before some spammer picks it up for the PageRank. :-)

Catelli said...

I did delete it, but recreated the site to redirect here.

Which begs the question? How did you find this in you didn't follow the link from the old site? I haven't really promoted it yet.