Tuesday, 16 October 2007

One armed paperhangers

For the past three days, every time I go to my car at the end of the work day, one flyer or another is jammed under the wiper on my windshield. THIS PISSES ME OFF.

Where do these assholes get the idea that it is OK to shove their unwanted advertising on a private vehicle on private property? I'm pretty sure (does anyone know for sure) that this is illegal. I swear, next one I find, I'm registering a complaint. I'm certain I could get enough people in the office to co-register as long as someone is willing to go first.

How effective is this shit, really? How many people actually respond to these "Exotic Massage" advertisements? You've gotta hope that the inconsiderate fucks doing this are losing money on the deal. If you get an advertisement on your windshield, do the rest of us a favour, don't give the bastards your business.

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