Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Should We Stay or Should We Go Now

If we stay there will be trouble; if we go there will be double...

Harper's Throne Speech. Whole lotta' nuttin'. I didn't see anything that the government has to fall on.

1.) Afghanistan: Harper wants to stay until 2011 after parliament votes.
2.) Can't meet Kyoto commitments. Fine, but Liberals are going to ride your ass regardless trying to make us do so. Just because you don't think its a target.....

In other words, the Liberals can pass the throne speech and ride hard on the legislative front, and not compromise principles or ideals one iota.

In either case: Meh, ugh, who the frig cares?

So we go to the polls. Granted, elections are fickle beasts, but does anyone really expect an outcome much different than from the last election?

Me, I don't think any of the buggers deserve my vote, and yeah, that includes the green party. I already know if an election is called, I'm not going to show. And that's the most profound statement I care to make on this matter.

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