Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Halifax Unhinged

Celine Dion takes her bat and goes home. Not that I blame her. If you have the ability to choose where you work, like she does, and you do not want to work where you are not wanted, then you don't. Its her right, her decision, and Halifax loses.

Myself, I am not a Celine Dion music fan. I listen to two types of music, Rock and Roll. I have never liked any of Celine's music. Apparently most of Halifax feels the same way. The citizens of Halifax need to read this entry at Scott Adams blog. For the lazy, here's the gist of what Scott says. "To me, Justin Timberlake sounds like a shockingly untalented guy with a lot of musical training. Why do I perceive him that way when millions of his fans do not?" ... "The other explanation is that I am mentally defective. I was born without whatever gene would allow me to take pleasure in this particular type of art. Since so many people have the capacity to enjoy his music, it must be normal to like it. I am nothing but defective and abnormal."

Millions of people love Celine Dion. She is one of the worlds top selling artists and sells out wherever she goes. Reading the comments of Haligonians, apparently all of them hate her. They might want to get their water supply checked....

Fine. There are people that hate/dislike/are not inspired by Celine Dion. When she holds a concert, don't buy a ticket and don't go. Allow the people that are fans to buy tickets and go. Its really, really simple people.

Or not. Reading the responses to this column, many arguments are presented to defend Haligonians decision to run Celine out of town. Let's deconstruct them one by one, shall we?

Halifax deserves more then a washed up bit of a Vegas show girl

Really? I would think Halifax deserves more than insensitive clods who insult success. Moving on....

It's the Halifax Common, we should have a say. It's supposed to be our (the people) space.

Ok. So there is a citizens committee or a referendum any time an event is planned for The Common? No? Oh. So people only get a say when they don't like it. Sounds equitable and fair. Not!

We were expecting a big rock show

Well Boo Hoo! Because the Celine Dion concert would be like, the last concert ever! Halifax is so screwed because no rock band would EVER play where Celine Dion has played first! The cooties alone will kill the next rocker to step on the stage.

By the way, The Who and The Eagles are washed up bands that refuse to die. Or only washed up rock bands are allowed to play? I'm confused.

And finally, the ultimate defense used anytime people's comments are called to task:
Freedom of speech

Absolutely correct. You have the right to criticize Celine Dion all you want. She also has the freedom to choose where to perform, and where not to. To cancel or not to cancel. You exercise your freedoms, she exercises hers.

We're done here.

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