Thursday, 15 November 2007

Random Connections

Maybe these guys need to play more violent video games. The conscientious objector aspect of their personality might have been beaten into submission. Though, they would then be in Iraq....

I don't sympathize with these guys at all. They shouldn't have enlisted in the first place. Period. While soldiers do have a duty to question illegal orders, they also have a duty to do that within the laws of the society governing them. Running and hiding is the cowards way out. They do themselves, their country and their fellow soldiers no service by abandoning them for the sake of their own hides.

As a father I'm concerned about the results of the violent video game study. I'm not sure how much control I will have over my sons and what they play growing up. As an occasional player of first-person shooters, it would be hypocritical of me to demand otherwise (my wife probably has her own thoughts on this, probably along the ban all violent toys line). I guess all I will be able to do is to share my thoughts, explain my reasoning and hope they understand where I'm coming from. A part of me hopes that government will intervene and legislate these games out of existence or into a much milder, less graphic form. Makes my job as a parent a lot easier. After all, as a wise sage once put it, I can resist everything, except temptation.

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