Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Say what?!?!?!?

Polish prosecutors open probe of migrant's Taser death

"The aim of the investigation is to verify whether (Canadian police) exceeded their authority and involuntarily caused the death of a Polish citizen," said Michal Szulczynski, spokesman for the regional prosecutor's office in the southwestern Polish city of Gliwice.

"The Polish criminal code allows for an investigation in cases which have taken place abroad but which involve a Polish citizen," he told AFP. "Foreign nationals can be prosecuted in such cases."

So the RCMP officers in the execution of their duties may have run afoul of Polish law? Look, I don't defend the actions of the officers involved. But this has to be investigated under Canadian law as it happened on Canadian soil by Canadian law enforcement officials. Yes, the citizen was Polish, but that does not give Poland jurisdiction in this. The legal precedence for this would be mind-boggling.

So with all respect to Polish law enforcement, go fuck yourselves. Deal with the crimes on your soil, we'll deal with the ones on ours.

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