Friday, 9 November 2007

Some Parents is Stupid

Toy recall after toy recall after toy recall. You'd think the toy manufacturers were out to kill our children. Some of it is manufacturer ineptitude, but sometimes its dumb ass parents who don't read the packaging.

Take this aquadots date-rape drug thing. Ok yeah, the manufacturer should not have switched the chemicals, but shouldn't parents assume some responsibility here? The packaging clearly states the product is for use by children 4 and older. That It has lots of small parts that are easily swallowed by exploring infants, i.e. the dots. The dots are obviously made from a plastic compound which is derived from petrochemicals. The dots stick together when water added, indicating some sort of additional chemical coating. In other words everything about the product screams, don't let my kids eat it! It could kill them!

What the hell were these things doing being in reach of a toddlers around 2 years of age? I understand the situation faced by parents with an older sibling and a young toddler running around. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, I'm in that same situation myself. You want to engage the older sibling with age appropriate toys, but you still have to provide a safe environment for the younger child. A toy with 60,000 ingestible beads is not a safe product for a young child. Period. I don't care if it was made out of processed bananas, don't let a young kid anywhere near the product. This is the same reason we don't allow LEGO in the house yet. The pieces are two small and my youngest will eat the damn things. So my oldest is still playing with Mega-Bloks and will be for a few years until his younger brother is old enough to play with LEGO too. We're more concerned about the choking hazard as LEGO probably isn't toxic. But even so, should a kid be eating a few pounds of plastic? I don't think so. It may not be toxic, but it certainly ain't healthy either.

Some of the parents cited in these news stories should be give a good hard smack up the back of the head for being so irresponsible in the first place.

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