Thursday, 13 December 2007

Can he make me hate him more

I was not a fan of Jean Chretien's smile-be-happy-do-nothing government of the last 4-5 years of his tenure.

I was not impressed by Paul Martin's government.

But I HATE Stephen Harper and his government. This government's spiteful attitude has filled me with so much disgust there is no way I would support the Conservatives in any election. Given their history of hatred and spite, you'd think I would no longer be surprised when they act up. Well they surprised me yet again.

Take this Chalk River fiasco. The AECL has been caught out out twice in acts of misinformation. They did not install the backup power systems as claimed and they did not notify Health Canada that the reactor was offline and isotope supply was affected.

Obviously there are some very senior management issues at AECL. Do the Conservatives focus on that? No. They go after the NCSC because its members were appointed by the previous Liberal government. The old, "everything that is wrong with Canada is directly the fault of the Liberal party" line. Lets not analyze the criteria the NCSC used, learn the reasoning behind the shutdown order. No don't do that. Its much more productive to blame them for doing their job, and focus on alleged party ties. (Since everything is the fault of the Liberal party, Senators blocking bills, Liberal appointees in powerful positions deliberately making the government look bad, etc. It must mean Stephan Dion is in fact running the country as a behind-the-scenes dictator. If the Liberals have that much control and are usurping the rule of law, Stephen Harper is the most ineffective Prime Minister. A puppet who is under the thumb of the massive Liberal party machine. But I digress.)

Through their actions the Conservatives have diminished the authority of the only nuclear regulator we have. They are compromising our physical safety so they can conduct their little with-hunt and Liberal bashing.

Sickening, disgusting, and unethical.

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Ken Breadner said...

Meanwhile, there's this isotope shortage...