Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Hey Prentice!

Want to help industry save some money?

How about you do something about Spam. You know, that annoyance that costs companies real dollars in communications costs, lost time and lost messages?

We hit a new threshold recently: 94.7% of our incoming e-mail is classified as Spam. Here's a nice pie-chart showing the last 7 days.

Unreal isn't it?

I know the ISPs are hot to trot on abandoning net neutrality. They claim that their expensive networks are being clogged, and are costing them money. Well how about the spam transversing their networks? Why aren't they up in arms about that?

Granted, each spam message is quite small in terms of bandwidth used, but there is another factor in sizing network equipment. Number of connections. Every single communication stream, whether IM, E-mail, web surfing, whatever, creates connections. Every network device has a maximum number of connections it can handle simultaneously. Think of an old style operator sitting in front a patch board, manually making connections. The number of calls the phone system can handle is directly related to the number of ports in the patch boards and the speed of the operator. Network equipment works the same way, how much memory to hold each communication stream, and how fast of a CPU to make and close the connections. Also, even if you average out each spam to 1KB in size, we alone still blocked 400 MB in wasted data. Collectively, it is not a small amount.

So lets clean up the garbage before we start renovating the house eh?

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