Friday, 28 December 2007


"Warner Music Group, a major holdout on selling music online without copy protection, caved in to the growing trend Thursday and agreed to sell its tunes on Inc.'s digital music store."

And the Duh statement from Warner.

in an e-mail obtained by The Associated Press and distributed to Warner employees Thursday, Bronfman noted that selling downloads without DRM would help spur new types of online music applications and foster competition among online retailers.

"By removing a barrier to the sale and enjoyment of audio downloads, we bring an energy-sapping debate to a close and allow ourselves to refocus on opportunities and products that will benefit not only WMG, but our artists and our consumers as well," Bronfman wrote.

Give customers what they want and you have an opportunity to make money.

What a novel idea


david santos said...

Happy new year!! Catelli.

Catelli said...

Why thank-you! Happy New Year to you too!