Monday, 10 December 2007

Why we need "experts"

They point out what the rest of us know.

Children's toys are too damn noisy!
  • When you have to rip the batteries out because there is no "off" switch
  • When your child complains "too loud!" and covers the speaker with their hands
  • When you can't hear your spouse talking, or you have to turn up the TV to hear it
  • When you pull out the soldering gun to bypass the speaker, and keep the flashing lights

The fucking toy is too goddamned loud!

If you ever buy toys for a niece, nephew or friend, do the kids and parents a favour; find a toy that does not need batteries! They'll thank you for it.


Dave said...

A drum set does not need batteries. I'm buying a set for my grandson... in repayment for my daughter's Winnie The Pooh crank up music player.


Catelli said...

You're mean!