Thursday, 17 January 2008

Flash Bang


Playing in the bedroom of the oldest son. Youngest (17 months old) gets up and wanders into the hall.

We hear a rattle, a loud bang followed by bloodcurling screaming.

We run to find out what he's done, note the peculiar smell of burnt electronics in the air, and we find him holding the pieces to this:

That is the former night-light we had in the hallway. Near as we can figure, he pulled the bulb shield off (piece on the right) and then simultaneously yanked upward on the bulb (not shown) with his left hand and pulled on the main unit with his right. The combined force ripped the front plate (piece on the left) off of the main housing (center piece). This short circuited the night-light which was the loud bang. If you look closely at the housing you can see the scorch marks.

My son had the bulb tightly clenched in his fist. It took a lot of prying to get him to release the bulb (fortunately intact).

He's OK, has one singed thumb but other than that seems normal. (Though lights now dim when he walks into the room, don't know if that's related.... I jest, I jest)

Life lesson learned right? Somehow I doubt it. After that incident I caught the little monkey scaling the entertainment center. At this rate, he'll be lucky if he makes it to age 2.


Ken Breadner said...

Thanks. Every once in a while I lament the fact I don't have children. Then I read something like that.

Catelli said...

Want to borrow them for a week?

Then you'll know for sure!


Ken Breadner said...

...and every parent I've said this to says exactly what you just did. No, thanks.