Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Go get him Ed, and give him shit.

I hate cyber-squatting. I've had to deal with cyber-squatting miscreants in the past, and have no sympathy for any of their arguments.

Why not? Well lets deconstruct the logic behind the arugments. (Many of the below arguments I've run into in other debates.)

1) edstelmach.ca is an obvious domain name that Ed should have registered.
Really? So he should also register edstelmach.com, edstelmach.net, edstelmach.org, edstelmach.tv, edstelmach.ab.ca, edstelmach.info or any of the other hunderd or so TLDs available? What is a quick and cheap purchase for one domain becomes a real PITA if you are "required" in the Internet age to register your name as a domain. I won't even go into the almost infinite permutations of estelmach.ca, ed-stelmach.ca, familystelmach.ca etc. etc. etc. There are countless "obvious" domain names depending on your intent and what you are trying to promote or use it for. Registering each and every "obvious" domain name could cost you thousands of dollars.

2) You should register your own name, to protect yourself.
No. You should register a domain if you intend to use it. What if there is another Ed Stelmach out there? Say he's a budding professional photographer and wishes to go online under his professional name? By parking a domain name, you make it more difficult for someone with legal, legitimate intent to go online.

3) I'm just having fun.
Well then grow up, give the domain back, say your sorry. Just because the Internet is a largely unregulated free-for-all, doesn't mean you have to act like a jerk.

(H/T Calgary Grit)


Babar said...
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Babar said...

Its not cybersquatting. A quick article to scan through that explains how this is different.


Catelli said...

Its not cybersquatting in the traditional sense. Cybersquatting was done in the past to extort money out of individuals interested in particular domain names. I personally know of an individual that thought he was going to get rich quick because he owned waynegretzky.com. This particular individual tried to convince me to partner with him because he had the ideas but he needed someone technical to make his ideas work. I politely but firmly rebuffed him.

I mention this to show I am familiar with the historical seedy, despicable side of domain name registration.

However, I still use the term cybersquatter to denote anyone that registers a domain in bad faith. Daveberta registered this domain in bad faith. He could have made the same point by registering Idontlikeedstelmach.ca That would be legitimate use, or conversely, he could have registered edstelmachfanboyohmygod.com

Whatever. If he wanted to register a domain where the purpose was to denigrate or to praise or to comment on Ed Stelmach personally, he could have done so with a domain name showing that intent.

Saskboy said...

People are more likely to type in the Premier's name with .ca though, not that.

I don't think it's a particularly nice thing to do to a politician, but heck if Rick Mercer did it most of us would get a chuckle. It's not like it forwards to NAMBLA, and it went to a site that obviously pertains to the subject of the name, albeit in a negative instead of positive sense. As long as there is no threat or offer to sell the domain at a higher than purchased price, it's certainly not immoral or illegal, in my books.