Thursday, 10 January 2008

I agree with everyone

Well, Martin, Raphael and Mike, most specifically Mike. his comment "the BT have a larger proportion of outrageous nutters than the Prog blogs or the Blogging Dippers. Pretty why I pick my conservative blogs by hand, rather than use an aggregator - and with Andrew Anderson and Greg Staples gone, Chris Selley posting infrequently and Raphael Alexander on the bubble, that is getting tougher and tougher to do…"

I would add Olaf Raskan err. Rasna, err., screw it Olaf The Prairie Wrangler, David Mader and Matt Fletcher to that list (though I'm not sure Matt is a conservative by nature). Rational, thoughtful, and well spoken conservatives are hard to find, for whatever reason. The ones I have found are slowly disappearing or are in a near coma. I would like to hear the theory on why that is. Is it because thoughtful rational conservatives are a rare breed? Or is it that we "on the left" apply different standards when we evaluate those we disagree with? Or is it some combination of the two? While I hope that it is the latter, I suspect for whatever reason it is the former. Which is a very troublesome thought.

Extending Mike's argument, I no longer use any aggregator to find interesting blogs to read. Most of the ones on my blog roll are from other manually maintained blog rolls.

One point I would make about the so called 30,000 readers of BT Blogs. It seems to me the most frequent readers are from the left that are looking for someone to argue with. CC, Martin's and others continuous poking of the BT dragon is what drives the readership in my non-quantifiable opinion.

Lastly, two (belated) additions to my blog roll. The afore linked Scott's DiaTribes and Mr. Sinister. Which very heavily tilts my reading list to the left. Rational Conservatives where are you? Help me balance things out!

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