Tuesday, 8 January 2008

If I wanted to kill you

I wouldn't need the airplane....

I was listening to CBC Radio 1 on the way home tonight. Apparently last night on As It Happens, Carol Off was interviewing a high ranking official about the above linked incident. The gist I picked up was he felt there was no big deal, as security caught up to the nut and arrested him.

Tonight, they played listener feed-back to this. The comments they chose to air took issue with this guy's "don't worry, be happy" stance, and felt more has to be done to ensure passenger security. One commenter apparently was on the plane and was still (quite understandably) shook up by this. Though her comment "he could have had a bomb" is such a poor argument.

Maybe security could have been tighter. Though I doubt it. No matter how much you try to prevent it, a determined kook will always get through. The whole point of an airport is to allow a totally random selection of people on airplanes. The whole principle of the thing makes it impossible to secure absolutely.

But for fun, assume that airport security is now 100% air-tight. No matter how determined, no bomber, kook, nutbar or Jehovah's Witness will get on a plane at Pearson airport ever again.

So whats a determined bomber to do? How about explode the bomb at the boarding gate? No? That part can be made secure too? How about at the crowded check-in counter? Or in front of the doors to the terminal itself? The parking garage? On the crowded on-ramp to the highway leading to the airport? Or at the mall while you're buying your tickets from a travel agency?

In case you missed my point, a determined suicide bomber has countless ways to end your life and that of hundreds of people around you. They don't need to wait for you to board an airplane. Your security while on an airplane is an illusion, one you maintain to make yourself feel comfortable. Fine, maintain that illusion, just remember to be nervous when you arrive at your destination and board a bus.

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