Monday, 28 January 2008

I'll give him credit

Kudos to Stephen Harper, he's made me reverse an earlier decision.

Next federal election, I'm going out to vote!

Anything, ANYBODY, to get that bastard out of office. Every time I feel he has put the last nail in the coffin in the idea of myself supporting his party, he finds a new way to top himself. Damn, I'm running out of nails to put in that coffin!

Which brings me to another point where I agree with the Conservatives. Stephane Dion is not a leader. His public waffling on forcing an election has driven me around the bend (must... avoid.... Chamberlain reference...). On that front, Stephen Harper is much the better leader, much like Napolean.....

After the Chalk River fiasco, I resolved that I would vote, and I would vote Liberal as they stood the best chance of taking Harper down. Try as I might, I cannot throw my vote behind this gutless bastard. Dion, wake up! Canadians as a whole may not want an election, but we damn well need one! Today!

Long, long ago, under a blogger ID far far away, I had already determined that Jack Layton was a cheat, a liar and an all-around idiot. So where does that leave me?

With Ken Breadner. I'm pretty much sold that next election, I'm voting Green. Dion, you have one last chance to prove to me that you can LEAD this country. Don't make me a closet liberal again!


Raphael Alexander said...

Catelli, your words are resonant of what I've said about the difficulties of finding a benign ruler of our parliamentary democracy. You're right in that Dion is flatly useless, Layton is an absurd joke, and the Greens are a worthwhile protest vote. Having said that, while I disapprove of the current situation, the Conservatives are far and away still the party I would choose to rule this country.

Catelli said...

Really? Well I'm not THAT surprised.

Over the last 4 federal elections, I don't think I've supported the same party twice in a row. Lib, NDP, PC, Lib in that order. The last one was a throw-away vote over an argument with some westerners.

Ideologically I've been all over the place, but I cannot support any of three major parties this time. All three are tripping over themselves to show what asses they can be.

Dave said...

Catelli, Do I know how you feel? Big time.

I'm trying to remember the last time I voted where I didn't have to hold my nose.

Catelli said...

Optimism, where hast thou gone?
Mine heart cannot take this bitterness.
The rot, the anger it maketh me weep.

Oh joy, oh hope, mine life hast stabbed thee down.
My voice cries out, it echoes in darkness.
Yet behold! A light!
Do my eyes deceive me?

Oh that! That's my on-call pager blinking at me.

Ahh screw it.

Ken Breadner said...

Catelli, get to know your local candidates, and put your vote behind one of them. That's all I can suggest.