Thursday, 10 January 2008

Proving my point for me

I've long maintained that its not the overall fuel efficiency of automobiles that is the main effect on the environment, its the sheer number of them.

Take the Tata Nano just released in India. It gets 20 kms per liter of gasoline. That translates to 5 liters/100 kms. Which gives it almost the same rating as a Honda Civic Hybrid, the most fuel efficient vehicle available in Canada.

And still, environmentalists aren't happy. Green campaigners point to India’s terrible road system and rising pollution levels. “Even if they claim it will be fuel efficient, the sheer numbers will undermine this”

Tata states that they are marketing this vehicle at "the nation's 45 million motorcycle riders". Which makes me wonder, how many of those motorcycles are 2-stroke? Wouldn't that make this a good idea for India then?

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