Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Since the Conservatives are so concerned about leadership

Maybe they should learn a lesson from the Dutch.

The Dutch government has summoned the U.S. ambassador Wednesday to explain reported remarks by U.S. defence secretary criticizing the capacity of NATO troops in southern Afghanistan to carry out their mission.

Its really arrogant of a country that calls on its allies to help fight off a terrorist threat, and them call them incompetent when they show up.

Hey Mr. Fucktard Defense Secretary, if you hadn't sent all your troops to Iraq, you'd have had enough to fight in Afghanistan and you wouldn't need your poorly trained allies to dig you out of holes of your own making.

Or is that too complicated a thought for you?



Raphael Alexander said...

Note that the damage control has begun in earnest:

Peter MacKay tells us what a swell guy Gates is

Catelli said...

I heard that on CBC radio on the way home. How Gates congratulated the Canadian troops and their professionalism personally to Peter MacKay

The dry comment by the commentator "too bad those comments didn't wind up in print" pretty much summed that up for me.