Wednesday, 9 January 2008

So you know how I feel about the US primary covervage

I think this is the most inspired bit of reporting I've seen yet.

Honestly, the overanalysing, overreporting of the US Presidential Primary race is over the top.

We've only had results of 2 small states (out of 50) and the polling, analysing, breathless rhetoric is already ratcheted to the topmost level. How insane is it?

New Hampshire. Going into this Clinton had the lead in NH by a large margin. Obama wins Iowa, and apparently has momentum. So polls show he takes over the lead and will win NH. But Clinton wins it, and it is categorized as a come-from-behind win! (Further proof of idiocy is this synopsis, One time front-runner conjures up Clinton comeback magic. I was in front, but I came from behind to win. Say WHAT?!?!?!????)

What does this prove to me? No one knows jack shit about what is going to happen. Everyone needs to sit back, take a pill and relax. Fuck, we still have to get through the conventions and the election of the president. Its one thing for Americans to be all over this, its their system after all, and all of them get to vote. But for us Canadians? Jesus. You'd think this had more impact on us than on our own elections based on the coverage. No wonder people think we are just American surrogates.

Its times like these I wish I had a time machine. I am somewhat of a news junkie. But the news I look for is what is happening in Canada, the US and the rest of the world. The overriding dominance of the US primaries makes me want to go straight to the presidential election and be done with it. Its going to be a loooonnnng haul until November.

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