Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Sometimes I just want to beat myself senseless

I swear it would hurt less.

Someone must have slipped something into my Wheaties this morning, I've been all over the blogs today, commenting on damn near everything. Couldn't stop myself, mouth (or keyboard) full throttle, brain hopefully in gear.

But what a day reading around. First we have the whole Keen firing fiasco, then Guergis trying to have Dion and Ignatieff killed, throw in the US Defence Secretary criticizing NATO allies in Afghanistan, and this Ezra thing that won't go away.

So I goes looking for something else to read about. And I wind up at Canadian Cynic's page. You'd think I'd know by now; if I want to avoid examples of utter stupidity, don't go to the home of a collector of stupidity. I must have a sick fascination for train wrecks in motion.

I made the mistake of clicking on the link to Denise O'Leary's site. Ow! My head! My poor aching head!

The wilful stupidity poured into the content on this site. How does this woman possess the smarts to use a computer?

I lost it when I reached this post. I am suspicious that multiverse theory is primarily intended to try to get around the fact that our universe appears to be intelligently designed

What. The. Fuck.

*/SARCASM/*Yes Denyse, thousands of scientists pursue their craft with the sole intent of disproving God.*/SARCASM/*

How many times do we have to say this? Evolutionary theory neither proves nor disproves the existence of God. That is not its purpose. Additionally String Theory, Gravitational Theory, Quantum Theory, etc. etc. do not exist to prove or disprove God. They exist to help us puzzle out how the universe works.

It is not enough for the rest of us to sit back and accept "the answer to your question is, God did it." I.E. the Intelligent Design approach.

The scientists that are religious want to know how He did it. The scientists that aren't religious also want to know how it was done. Even though one group leaves room for God, each group asks the same scientific questions in search of the same scientific answers. Nothing wrong with that from what I can recall of my religious upbringing.

But I know you won't accept that will you Denyse?

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