Monday, 7 January 2008

Sony ramping up the cool

Sony to help screw over big-telco by incorporating Skype into the PSP.
Remember that Sony is the most DRM aggressive company out there. So the lesson is, try to deprive us of our revenue stream, we'll hack your computer. But we'll help you screw over other firms. Not that I'm saying incorporating Skype into portable products is a bad thing, I think its a wicked idea. But the irony is thick.

Sony releases first commercial OLED display. Organic Light Emitting Diodes technology is the new frontier in display technology. From Wikipedia "OLEDs can be printed onto any suitable substrate using inkjet printer or even screen printing technologies, they can theoretically have a significantly lower cost than LCDs or plasma displays. Printing OLEDs onto flexible substrates opens the door to new applications such as roll-up displays and displays embedded in clothing.

OLEDs enable a greater range of colors, brightness, and viewing angle than LCDs, because OLED pixels directly emit light. OLED pixel colors appear correct and unshifted, even as the viewing angle approaches 90 degrees from normal. LCDs use a backlight and cannot show true black, while an "off" OLED element produces no light and consumes no power. Energy is also wasted in LCDs because they require polarizers which filter out about half of the light emitted by the backlight. Additionally, color filters in color LCDs filter out two-thirds of the light.

OLEDs also have a faster response time than standard LCD screens. Whereas a standard LCD currently has an average of 8-12 millisecond response time, an OLED can have less than 0.01ms response time. "

OLEDs offer faster displays, true colour, low energy consumption on a light-weight flexible medium. The day that an entire wall can be its own shifting display, is not far away.

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