Thursday, 28 February 2008

Much ado about NAFTA

Via Dave, we learn there's quite the he-said/they-said story goin' on.

Its not exactly new news that Hillary and Obama were using NAFTA as campaign platforms, but their rationale sorta kinda confuses the heck outta me.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but both believe NAFTA has screwed Americans out of jobs that have miraculously moved in Canada and Mexico.

Last I checked, aren't the two largest outsourced labour countries China and India (and other sundry third world countries as well)? I don't think Americans are buying that many Made in Canada or Made in Mexio items. And when they call for customer service, aren't they talking to someone with a heavy Indian accent?

So does it not follow that the biggest loss of American jobs has been to countries NOT part of NAFTA?

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Ken Breadner said...

Dems often accuse Republicans of being simplistic. This illustrates they can be just as bad.
Even in Canada, most people agree NAFTA's been a net benefit. Anyone calling to tweak it now is doing so because of unforeseen factors such as our high dollar. (Can you imagine our trade situation right now WITHOUT NAFTA?)
Democrats generally don't trust anything where the market's involved. Sometimes that mistrust is justified. Usually, it isn't.
Nice expose, Catelli.