Friday, 22 February 2008

Playing nice is bad politics

That's the conclusion I draw from this,

Was that a white flag waving over Texas? Democrats who think Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to do something dramatic _ like going negative _ to save her presidential candidacy might wonder about her mostly positive, always cautious debate performance Thursday night.

The New York senator is not one to surrender easily and nobody should count her out prematurely, but Clinton's kid-gloves approach with Barack Obama raises questions about her strategy headed into two must-win primaries March 4.

Can she stop Obama without attacking him? Can she attack him without turning off voters? Is her only hope that Obama makes a mistake on his own?

And, finally, has she decided that if she must lose, she's going to be a good loser?

I see the larger point. To win a contest, well placed aggression and negativity work. And they can work well. But notice the conclusion, if Hillary is being nice, she's conceding the victory. Nothing about Obama. Even though both candidates were congenial and had mutual respect.

Weird that. Weird that its a losing proposition for one candidate and not the other.

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