Wednesday, 20 February 2008

There's a reason why the Conservative Government is unpopular in Ontario

And Flaherty, you're one of the big ones.

Federal finance minister Jim Flaherty sharply criticized the Ontario government Wednesday for its reluctance to cut business taxes, and what he called a “lack of vision.”

The McGuinty government suffers from a “lack of leadership, a lack of vision and a lack of economic stewardship,” he said in an early morning speech in Toronto to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. The provincial government “fails to understand the long-term benefits of tax relief,” he added.

Bailing out individual industries “is just the kind of protectionism that hurts trade and kills jobs” he said.

Really, then what the hell are these?
Canada's New Government Invests $975,000 in Alberta's Emerging Biofuels Industry
Canada's New Government invests $15 million to establish major technology centre
Canada's new government invests in carbon capture research

Investment or Bailout? Depends on what side of the fence you're on. Either way, you're spending tax dollars that, could have gone towards cutting "business taxes" are you not?

Don't let your hatred of the party that tossed you out on your ass blind you to your own hypocrisy.

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