Thursday, 27 March 2008

Adding to the confusion

Dudes, seriously, WTF? (Update below)

Harper Tories launch new attack on Ontario, claim 'sponsorship-style' slush fund

This is in reference to the immigration fund scandal that broke out last year. This is why I'm confused. This was LAST YEAR, before the election. Wake up guys, Ontario voters have moved on, because they re-elected Dalton. Like him or not, we're stuck with Dalton for another 4 years. What is there to gain for the federal government to dredge up old news about a provincial government? I get it if the provincial NDP and PC parties did that; that's their job after all. But the Feds?

Seriously, how do they not understand that it is not the duty of the federal government to campaign for or against provincial governments? That's the duty of the provincial opposition parties.

The icing on the cake is this: "Poilievre said the premier had no business commenting on immigration - which he described as an exclusively federal jurisdiction."

Oh, so when someone is ASKED FOR THEIR OPINION: "Then [McGuinty] was asked about the sweeping new federal immigration reforms" they are not allowed to venture that opinion if it is outside their jurisdiction. If irony were quicksand, Poilievre would be up to his ears in it.

How do they get away with this? My god, I know that Dion has been a twit of a leader, but Holy Shit, the Conservatives have no scruples, morals or self-control. They should not be in power. Now or ever, under Harper. Even the NDP would make a better government. And no, that was not meant as a compliment.

How low we have sunk. Is it to late to ask Queen Elizabeth to kick out the Federal Government and restore the monarchy?


Ontario has a five-point economic plan that will grow the economy by investing in our people, communities and infrastructure and further strengthen Ontario’s international competitiveness.
“I want to congratulate Premier McGuinty and his Government for developing programs that will use these federal funds to strengthen the Ontario economy, improve public safety, and expand the public transit system,” said Prime Minister Harper. “Working together, our governments are getting things done for all Ontarians.”

New theory. The Conservatives are seriously high on crack or are institutionally bi-polar. They don't know if they're coming or going, if they're friend or foe.

H/T Kady O'Malley

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