Monday, 31 March 2008

Not on Flaherty's mailing list

"If you're going to make a new business investment in Canada, and you're concerned about taxes, the last place you will go is the province of Ontario." - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, February 29, 2008

Not getting that message are:

Mar. 20, 2008 Genco Corporation - Announces Plan to Construct and Operate Biomass/Bio-Gas Generation Facility in Melbourne, Ontario, Canada

May 17, 2006 Honda - Honda to build new engine plant in Ontario

Apr. 26, 2007 OptiSolar - The installation of one million solar panels on 346 hectares of land near Sarnia will make Ontario home to one of the largest solar farms in the world

Aug. 17, 2007
Takumi Stamping, Inc.
- broke ground for their new St. Thomas manufacturing facility

Oct. 16, 2006 Integrated Grain Processors Co-operative - To build a 150 million litre ethanol plant

Jul. 10, 2006 Toyota - Announces a new 65-million parts plant in Woodstock, Ontario to provide parts for its new automotive plant, also in Woodstock

And these guys, these guys, and well, I should have started at this site first. Such are the vagaries of Google searches.

Eh well, the point remains. A lot of companies apparently disagree with Jim Flaherty. They must all be loser companies with poor fiscal management to invest in a location with the highest corporate tax rate.

Or maybe Jim Flaherty is a stupid twit who wouldn't know sound fiscal management if it bit him in the ass.

I would bet on the latter.

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