Monday, 7 April 2008

Lets just live with smelly feet, OK?

Maybe I'm over-reacting, but I don't think so. Lets get together and avoid purchasing (or maybe outright ban) materials with nano-particles, in this case, silver.

Nanotechnology is now available in a store near you. Valued for it’s antibacterial and odor-fighting properties, nanoparticle silver is becoming the star attraction in a range of products from socks to bandages to washing machines.

Key words: antibacterial properties. Where do we actually need bacteria?

If sufficient nanosilver leeches out of these socks and escapes waste water treatment systems into nearby lakes, rivers and streams, it could damage aquatic ecosystems, said Benn. Ionic silver, the dissolved form of the element, does not just attack odor-causing bacteria. It can also hijack chemical processes essential for life in other microbes and aquatic animals.

Now remember, we're just trying to keep our feet from smelling. I know, it can be an offensive odour, but measured against this:

“If you start releasing ionic silver, it is detrimental to all aquatic biota. Once the silver ions get into the gills of fish, it’s a pretty efficient killer,” said Benn. Ionic silver is only toxic to humans at very high levels. The toxicity of nanoparticle silver, said Westerhoff, has yet to be determined."

Is it really worth it? I think not!

It pisses me off how we just don't get it yet. Any action can have positive and negative effects. We keep ignoring the negative to worship at the almighty alter of commerce and profit.

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Ken Breadner said...

No kidding. But I think nanotechnology's here to stay. Give us a couple of generations and if we haven't died off we'll have Star Trek-style replicators. Which will solve a lot of problems...and create a lot of new ones. And so it goes.