Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Well excuse us for trying!

Sometimes Andrew Potter makes my blood boil.

As he describes it, yeah, I'm a declinist. Part of me shrieks in malevolent glee at the thought of our great cities buried under meters of water. But its not because I hate humanity, its because it would prove my views right. I love being right. So much so that if I were able to live in comfort while the world drowned, I would be jumping up and down in glee shouting "Told you so! Told you so!" Come on Andrew, you would lord from the hill tops if climate change failed to impact humanity in any way. You do enough of it now. You love being right too.

Andrew blinds himself by assuming that human progress is either a total good or a total evil. He asks to support this argument, "Given a choice, when would you rather have been born, 1900 or 2000?" Well to be honest, I don't know. I wouldn't know what life would have been like in 1900 for me. I think it would have been pretty sweet to be this guy. Andrew errs in assuming that humans are happier now than any time in history. 100 years ago, people didn't know what the future would look like, and wouldn't assume they would be happier. At some times "the future" probably looked scarier than "now." But even using hindsight, it's still a false assumption to assume that "now" is better than "then". I can say with great confidence that I am extremely glad I was born to middle income white parents in Canada, than to poor black parents in the US or as a woman in Afghanistan. Place and circumstance have as much to do with happiness; as does "when" in comparing ideal living situations.

Us Enviro freaks preaching "doom and gloom if we don't change our ways" are not praying for that "doom and gloom" to happen. Many of us point to technological progress that might help get us out of this mess. Which is why these statements "There are a number of reasons why food prices are increasing ... more than anything else, is the biofuels/ethanol craze, which is driven entirely by a farm lobby capitalising on global-warming-driven declinist hysteria. Given BOTH increasing food prices AND climate change, biofuels is probably the single stupidest policy we could be implenting. As always, declinists are helping cause the very problems they are hoping to solve. is complete bullshit. Pointing out the problems in how we abuse our environment does not make us party to the poorly executed plans to clean it up.

Want proof? These guys are pretty ardent Enviro freaks too, and aren't that fond of ethanol:

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Jimbobby at Jimbobby sez

Mr. Potter, take your head out of your ass and actually see what us "declinists" are saying, instead of making shit up to fit your narrow definition of a perfect world.

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