Monday, 5 May 2008

Why Toshiba abandoned the HD Format Wars

UPDATE Coming soon: Movies on flash memory cards
Important point I left out: A physicist by training, Armstrong claims the Internet can't handle movie downloads anyway. He did the math on last year's release of Shrek 3. In the first three days, 11 million copies got sold. That's 66 petabytes of data.
Movies from PortoMedia can be watched on TVs or PCs. To prove his point, he transferred Spiderman from a portable hard drive to an iPod Touch. It took six seconds.

Original Post, a few days ago

My Toshiba rep told me over lunch, what really convinced Toshiba to abandon the HD player market wasn't so much Blu-Ray, it was this.

Toshiba caught wind of a concept being devloped by IBM, where you would be able to buy or rent a HD movie on a solid state device, plug it right into a slot on your TV, and avoid using a player altogether.

I have my doubts, the abandonment of HDDVD by the major media corps had to play some part in its demise.

But still, you gotta wonder if Toshiba truly saw the writing on the wall for stand-alone players.

If they did, history will call it a very smart move. And once again, despite its best efforts, Sony is left holding the bag.

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