Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Write your own tagline

Fast and the Furious proves popular.

Add your own emissions, submissions in the comments below.


Ken Breadner said...

"So many men seem to have the idea that what women secretly want most of all (no matter what we say or even believe ourselves) is a powerful and remorseless engine of flesh impersonally hammering away at us without pause for hours at a time. They become upset with themselves if they cannot deliver this silly commodity. I don't mean that, on the one occasion in my life when it actually happened to me, it was an *unpleasant* experience, exactly. (Until I tried to get up and walk the next day.) It's just that maybe once in a lifetime is plenty. And I've never seen that guy since, don't much care if I do. I mean, you could buy a machine to do that. They exist. And women don't buy them. Neither do gay men."
--Spider Robinson, "Callahan's Lady"

...I just read that. About three minutes before I came to your blog.

Catelli said...