Wednesday, 2 April 2008

You ask, I answer.

I'll save you the time and effort of reading this article that asks, What it will really take to stop global warming? Trust me, just skim it, its not really worth your time (or money).

It's a simple answer. There's nothing we can do to stop global warming. It can't be done.

Even if humans stop burning oil and coal tomorrow—not likely—we've already spewed enough greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to cause temperatures to warm and sea levels to rise for at least another century.

Why then, do I harp on environmental issues if we can't stop global warming? Because we have to adapt.

I believe we have to minimize and reduce our resource dependency. For two reasons. We must eliminate our dependency on finite resources. And secondly, just because climate change is inevitable, it doesn't give us license to keep polluting. When a basement floods, do you keep pumping in the water? No. You stem the flow and deal with the damage. In the same way you want a dry basement, we need a clean environment in which to live.

So once again you will here me say, we need to focus on planning for adaption and mitigation of the impacts on our society. Anything else is a distraction and a waste of precious resources, the most important one of which is time. That is running out faster than anything else.

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