Thursday, 8 May 2008

When Hackers do evil

Hacking can be fun, hacking can be cool. By hacking a system, you learn things that you never would have otherwise. Hacking in the computer world is like being a back-yard mechanic. Being a back-yard mechanic is cool.

Hacking, well not so much...

Why? Because of idiots without morals.

Hackers' posts on epilepsy forum cause migraines, seizures
The attack happened when hackers exploited a security hole in the foundation's publishing software that allowed them to quickly make numerous posts and overwhelm the site's support forums.

Within the hackers' posts were small flashing pictures and links - masquerading as helpful - to pages that exploded with kaleidoscopic images pulsating with different colors.

"They were out to create seizures," said Ken Lowenberg, senior director of Web and print publishing for the foundation.

Fucking morons. I hope they're caught and the state locks them up for years. And when they are eventually released they are banned from ever having a computer for personal use.

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