Thursday, 5 June 2008

Having a point, and missing it at the same time

Lorne Gunter, rabid anti-environmentalist can hardly contain his glee.

If truth is the first casualty of war, then environmental concern is the first casualty of economic recession.

Surveys of Canadian voters showed the environment to be their first or second concern in 1989-90. At that time, though, the economy was booming, pumping out tens of thousands of new jobs a month.

A year-and-a-half later, with the economy locked in the worst recession in 60 years, government finances were imploding, jobs disappearing and foreclosure wolves circling, the environment vanished from the top 10.

It is true, and fairly obvious, that when money is tight, people choose the least expensive short term options. The environment, social issues, even personal health and well-being fall by the wayside. Again, it is an obvious point, but Lorne is within the factual realm here. However, Lorne quickly goes off the rails in the next paragraph.

for most people, the environment is a luxury good -- easily expendable when their livelihoods and homes are threatened.

As with most other bad, but fashionable left-wing political ideas, Europe glommed onto carbon taxes before North America. But now that the worldwide credit crunch and commodity-price boom have hit the European economy, voter hostility to carbon taxes is growing-- rapidly.

To summarize, if it is expensive, it must be bad. Like a National Post subscription.....

What a moronic position. The intrinsic value of any item, ideal or policy is not weighed by its price or popularity. Using that logic, a store shouldn't stock multiple items at different pricing. The cheapest item must always the best in quality in value. Any other item that is more expensive is a waste of money.

To further ridicule this line of reasoning

1) Healthy eating must be a bad left-wing ideal.
2) Insurance is an evil plot of communist thinking.
3) Life and liberty for all is a socialist plot.

To be happy in Lorne's world, demand investment in cheap fuel, eat only cheap crap, don't insure your home, your car, your health or your life and kill anyone that dares to ask for help from society.

What a fucking idiot.

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