Monday, 9 June 2008

Sucking at the TaxPayer teat no longer

For reasons many and varied, I take it all back. New line, CBC Sports Management sucked a big one.

UPDATE: More on this later (I hope, been a bit busy lately)

Many people have protested, quite loudly, the CBC decision to drop the Hockey Night in Canada theme song.

Well, now CTV has bought the rights. For between $2.5- and $3-million freaking dollars! Add that to ...In 2004, Ms. Claman filed a statement of claim against CBC asking for $2-million in damages

I'm a big fan of tradition, but not to the point of extortion. Ms. Claman, your greed dishonours the value of the song. Every time I hear it now, I'll remember your grasping greedy claws demanding money from the Canadian taxpayer. 'Course, my opinion means nothing as you're laughing all the way to the bank. But forevermore the emotional impact of this song has been soured by this whole sordid affair. Well done.


Ken Breadner said...

Well, Merv Griffin estimates he's made between $70-80 million off the theme song from Jeopardy!...McCartney's made a hell of a lot more than $3 million off any ONE of his songs. Five hundred bucks a week was kind of a bargain, I think...and wasn't it CTV who jumped in when CBC broke off? You can't blame Claman for accepting an offer.

Madeleine Morris said...


Wow. I want to say that I'm really stunned by your honesty and your integrity. It's a very rare thing to run across people who can change their minds and I really, really can't thank you enough for your sense of fairness.