Thursday, 26 June 2008

This guy should be arrested and jailed

Who you gonna believe?

Lawrence Solomon, author, journalist (*snort*) who states: "there isn't any scientific proof that global warming is caused by the burning of carbon-based fuels."


Ronald Prinn, TEPCO Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT who states: "Overall, the scientific evidence for human influence on climate has strengthened significantly in the past half dozen years, and the case for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions is significantly more compelling than it was six years ago,"

Lawrence Solomon, is an ignorant twat who should never be published.

Right there is our problem. Through the media, or publishing a book, you can spout any lie you wish, and not suffer any concrete consequences. This is where freedom of speech hinders our progression as a society. Knowingly disseminating false information has no value. It doesn't contribute to a debate, it kills it. When lies are allowed as arguments, the truth suffers.

It hurts reading what Lawrence concedes as truths:

Solomon readily conceded there has been a trend toward global warming, at least in the last century or two

So global warming is happening?

Mother Earth "is doing wonderfully" despite alarmist reports about global warming and unfounded warnings about pending environmental catastrophes

But things are hunky dory. He's right in a way, Mother Earth is doing well. Mother Earth doesn't care if humanity survives. Its not the planet I'm worried about, its our ability to survive as a society. If the earth is covered in ice for a thousand years, nature will do fine. Humanity on the other hand....

other factors are more likely the causes of global warming.

One common theory is that changes in the activities of the sun, including changes in sun spot activity, are changing the temperature on Earth, he said.

This has been debunked. More than once.

Yet another theory holds that Earth is simply going through a normal cycle in which temperatures vary from time to time, he said.

Oh, so the cyclical nature of ice ages should not be a source of concern? You know what else is a normal cycle? Mass Extinction.

I know I'm talking about Global Warming, and my use the ice ages as examples seems counter-intuitive. I use them to illustrate a point, severe climate change is destructive. It doesn't matter if we cause it or not. Severe Climate Change is bad for humanity.

UPDATE: Via one the leaders combating the anti-science crowd, I find this. What a wonderful resource.

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