Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Todays must read

No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer


A lot of us computer guys just don’t work on personal PC’s.

...people that work in a corporate or government IT dept are used to dealing with standardized hardware and software configurations and being in total control over the goings on of their network.
We like to be in control. When you bring us your personal PC from home, we don’t know what kind of software you have installed, where it came from, or what kind of hardware you may have connected to it that may or may not be causing your issues.

we don’t like to have to “overlook” stuff you may have on your computer that may or may not be “legal”. Is that copy of Office 2007 you have installed on your PC properly licensed? Did you pay for the thousands of mp3’s you have in your “My Music” folder?

Thirdly, we honestly can’t charge you what our time is actually worth.

Fourthly, (is that even a word?) we don’t enjoy working on computers as much as you might think. .... We are IT professionals. We are usually highly specialized in our fields and concentrate on one area of expertise. We usually don’t know about the latest graphics card unless one of our AutoCAD users is getting a new machine and it requires a high end graphics processing unit.
To us computers are just a job, a way to make a living. When we go home at night, we want to spend time with our families, chilling in front of the tube and eating dinner. We don’t want to spend all evening trying to figure out why your ipod won’t talk to your computer.

This is all so true. An old-time computer pro once confided that he tells people he is a life insurance salesman to avoid computer questions. I keep thinking he had the right idea....

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