Thursday, 5 June 2008

You have the right to do nothing.

UPDATE: Copyright bill in limbo

Like I said last year over at The Galloping Beaver. I just wish we could see the damn thing. Its akin to enduring a colonoscopy, and the Doctor just stands there mumbling "Hmmmm. That's interesting"

Original Post

Time to become a Luddite.

The Conservative Government is set to table their Copyright bill tomorrow.

Notable points:

target users with a $500 fine...for each "personal use download" found to be shared online through peer-to-peer software programs.

Quick thought,will the bill specifically state P2P? That's a major loophole, Bye bye BitTorrent, hello web servers! The bill should state electronic or digital means if that's the intent.

make it illegal to unlock cellphones

You buy a cell phone, and have to use it with a specific carrier for the life of the device. That's not ownership, that's renting.

or copy music from protected CDs to iPods

Bye bye fair use! If it's on a CD it must stay on a CD.

illegal to copy "time-shifted" shows on to personal video recorders if flagged by broadcasters.

Must watch show at 8pm because CTV told me too. Must not leave couch to pee because broadcaster forces you to watch commercials (if that's not in the Bill, it might as well be).

This bullshit is so all encompassing, it affects every type of media we consume. Fighting it piecemeal is a waste of time. If this is at all accurate, I call for a general consumer strike.

We will not watch TV, purchase music or DVDs, or go to the theaters. We will ditch the cell phones and any other copy protected device that denies our freedom of use. We should deny the media their sources of income, and park our money in our wallets or support independent producers of material.

Its the only means to strike back we really have. WE DO NOT HAVE TO CONSUME THEIR PRODUCTS. And if we really want this shit to end, we have to hit them where it hurts, right in the revenue stream. They think they're losing money now because of 'illegal downloading'? What if everyone stopped shopping? That'll make them pay attention!


Ken Breadner said...

Some of this will never pass. In fact, most of it doesn't have a hope in hell. The first clause you cited *might* pass, but the rest of it...

Catelli said...

Oh you're probably right. But the fact they are even attempting this stinks to high heaven.