Thursday, 31 July 2008

Orson Scott Card goes round the bend.

Such a shame, I liked his Ender series.

Anyway, here he rants against gay marriage (while claiming he's not homophobic).

Wow. That is the most bizarre twisting of logic I have read in a while.

HT Chet.

Update, apparently he went around the bend a long time ago.


Ken Breadner said...

Love how the judges are only activist if the act is something you don't like. Funny how that works. And as for homophobia, he's got it in spades. Maybe he wouldn't go out fag-bashing, but it's clear as crystal he's terrified of them gays.

Catelli said...

Change is baddd dude, didn't you know that?

We had to fossilize society somewhere around 1953 and prevent all changes since then. Then life would be perfect!