Wednesday, 16 July 2008

What I've been up to

Back in April I described the issues around our leaky basement and how our builder responded with a Dear John letter.

Well, we had to fix the basement, despite Reid's Heritage's willingness to take responsibility. $20k later, with two and a half months of construction, its fixed! (Yes, that was a 20, followed by three more 0s.)

But man, was the process hell.

Here's what our backyard looked like before we fixed the problem.

This is what happens when they start digging

And this is what happened to our deck

Because our deck was nailed together, the deck boards and railing didn't come off that nice. The company doing the foundation work was supposed to put our deck back together for us. But they were just going to reuse the same boards, that are now chipped and split from being pried off of the deck supports. So making lemonade out of lemons, I told them that I would rebuild the deck myself. If they could just reattach the deck supports back to the house, I'll do the rest.

Two more weeks, and this is what I accomplished:

Be warned! This computer geek actually is half-assed competent with power tools!


Ken Breadner said...

1) Holy crap that must have been hell to live through.
2) Nice deck, man. Well done.

Catelli said...