Tuesday, 26 August 2008

And this helps us how?

A lawyer who specializes in class-action lawsuits has launched legal action against Maple Leaf Foods.

the suit will represent three classes of people -- those who have become sick after ingesting the food, those who have suffered a financial loss for having to throw meat out and those who are suffering from mental distress because of the outbreak

The first class of people I understand. The last two on the other hand....

Thanks but no thanks Mr. Merchant, I won't be going after Maple Leaf for the $15 worth of sandwich meats we threw out. And yeah, I am worried that we may have eaten contaminated meat while on vacation. Especially worried about my sons. But I'm not going to sue because I'm worried.

Lawyers, evolved from the same strain of bacteria as listeria, and about as beneficial to society.

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Ken Breadner said...


It's a reflex. "A wrong has been committed...I want money." Not to belittle the deaths and illnesses--yeah, I think people should have recourse to sue in those cases. (And they might want to widen the suit to included the federal government. Seems Harper decided to turn meat inspectors into paper pushers. Okay, maybe somebody else decided, but I doubt it: doesn't Harper decide everything?)
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