Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Conservative Master Strategy?

To sow discord in their own camp?

Interesting that Stratford is in a Conservative riding. Why would they promise the prospect of investment, and then hide behind a lie when they don't act on the promise? What a way to win hearts and minds!

And then you add that to this. And this. And this.

Really makes you wonder about that purported Conservative master strategy, and election readiness, does it not?

You would think they would learn from the Bob Rae-Liberal leadership race, or even the Mike Harris legacy. Ontario voters have a long memory.

Oh well, as a Harper Hater (TM), this is good news as far as I'm concerned!

(H/T to Scott Tribe)

1 comment:

Ken Breadner said...

Stupid, stupid, stupid. On so very many levels. I thought the feds were supposed to be the government of Canada, not just the government of Alberta...