Thursday, 7 August 2008

Is the Internet threatened? Part II

OK, I'm a little late with the follow up that was promised. Eh, well. Better late than never.

As discussed earlier, I really don't worry too much about corporate control of the Internet. As consumers, we have power, we can backlash when corporations get nutty.

The underlying issue that threatens Internet is trust. The Internet is designed on trust.

Network Engineers trust that other network engineers won't foul things up by mistake.

We trust that when people make changes, they know what they're doing.

We trust that the people in charge are ensuring the Internet can meet our needs.

We trust that people will act in a moral manner, and not be destructive.

We trust the data that comes from our friends.

We trust that institutions that store our data, protect it.

We trust that websites we visit are clean of malicious code.

But every day, that trust is being violated.

One of these days, that trust will be lost completely. And it won't be due to Bell blocking access to BitTorrent.

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