Monday, 8 September 2008

Election thoughts

This bites

Talk about giving the finger to the electorate that supports the Green Party. Since I almost always cheer on the under-dog, this just confirms my earlier decision to vote Green in the upcoming election.

Harper is an idiot, again. Dion proposes banning semi-automatic wepaons, Harper says, lets not punish "Duck hunters with shotguns". Whahhhh? Hey bone-head, no one is proposing banning shotguns. This proposal closes a loophole in the existing ban (most semi-automatic weapons with the ammunition clips in front of the trigger are already banned).

Since you are obviously uninformed, let me explain this to you. When hunting ducks, you use a shotgun with bird-shot. Bird-shot is a shotgun shell where little pellets are in the shell. When you shoot, the pellets scatter increasing the odds of a hit (at the expense of range and power), and also since the pellets are small, the duck falls to the water, leaving the meat useful and edible instead of exploding in midair, as if shot with a .308 Winchester.

A semi-automatic short stock rifle (as the one used at Dawson) is useful for mowing down targets, like a lot of people.

I can see the difference, can you see the difference? Or let me put it this way Steve (can I call you Steve?) are you in favour of unbanning AK-47s so duck hunters could use them as a weapon of choice?

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Ken Breadner said...

If I'm Harper, I'm CLAMOURING for May to get in those damn debates and split the left-wing vote three ways instead of just two. You'd think he remembers the vote-splitting that killed the CA's hopes...but apparently not.
As for the ban on assault weapons, if there's a loophole, by all means close it: but don't expect it to affect the gun crime rate. Criminals have this nasty habit of breaking laws...