Tuesday, 2 September 2008

A little of both

I agree and disagree with both Greg and PZ Meyers.

Greg states (in entirety):

May I suggest to those who think that the fact that Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant is important, that it is, in fact unimportant. The way the Palins have handled the situation is exactly how one would hope evangelical Christian parents would handle it. They have accepted the facts and their child with love and the daughter is getting married. Now, whether you agree with that solution in this day and age is another thing, but they are acting as their principles dictate. I am not detecting any hypocrisy at all. So let's get back to policy differences and leave the personal lives of politicians alone.

PZ States (excerpted as below):

She wants kids to be taught only what the parents believe, which is a disaster for education. It dictates that the next generation can be no wiser, barring exceptional effort from the kids themselves, than the previous. This is an angle to give religion a trump card over science, and jingo priority over history, by making it easy to prevent kids from being exposed to reality.


I'm flummoxed. Here's another personal issue [her daughter's pregnancy] that is none of the voters' business, that will distract the media from discussing the issues, yet it speaks directly to Palin's support for bad reproductive and educational policy.

PZ explains why many of us note the irony in her daughter's pregnancy. Maybe if her parent's were more supportive of the modern view of sex education, her daughter may not have become pregnant. As studies show, abstinance only education doesn't work. Knowledge is power, suppressing knowledge because it disagrees with personal ethics does nothing to empower those ethics. It only reinforces ignorance and mis-conceptions.

Greg is also right, the family acted consistently (and yeah, admirably) within their beliefs. Hey, they didn't cast their daughter out of the family, (as was done in the past).

But the optics around this illustrate the important backstory to Palin's nomination (H/T Ken).

Three words: Evangelicals love her

That old chestnut. The Republicans have to pander to their base of the religious wing-nut.

There is nothing more scary than a party who's official strategy involves willful promotion of ignorance and the suppression of knowledge.

A policy based on the concept "no need to learn that kids, parent's know best" is directly linked to the concept that "government knows best, now shut up and sit down".

And that is exactly what Palin's nomination mean. Pay no attention to the ideas, just trust us, and admire her poise and pretty face.

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