Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A New Low

Anytime you think the Conservative party cannot get any lower in how it attacks anyone it dislikes, they manage to top themselves.

As BTC shows, the Conservative anti-Dion propaganda website is now mocking Journalists:

Kady O'Malley
Paul Wells
Andrew Coyne

You think that's bad, they go on to mock private citizens

Scott Tribe
Jason Cherniak

I can't wait to see what they say about Steve V., Red Tory, Zorpheus and the Liberal Blogs they quote but haven't put witty comments about yet.

This is huge. Government vs. Private Citizen. You're with us or against us.

Obviously the Conservative party has no problems with the message that it is the party for their friends only. If you're against them, they're against you.

Who else was like that? Oh yeah.

Saddam Hussein
Joseph Stalin
Fidel Castro

One small leap from vindictive asshole to power abusing dictator.


sassy said...

vindictive asshole to power abusing dictator

You got that right - well put.

Catelli said...

Honestly? I feel that description was over the top. I actually slept on it, but the next day I chose to let it stand.

As a sarcastic comment, it illustrates the angry tone and selfish natures that emanate from Mr. Harper.