Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Please "ordinary voters" make it stop!

Via the Jurist is this:

In an unprecedented clampdown, Public Works and Government Services Canada is vetting all federal purchasing to ensure only contracts for "essential or urgent" goods and services are issued during the rest of the election campaign.
What is different this time is that the government doesn't seem to trust the judgment and restraint bureaucrats used to be expected to exercise during an election in deciding what contracts to issue. Caution has snowballed into "paranoia to the extreme," said one procurement expert.

Question: Does the concept of paying public service employees to do nothing until the election is over to protect The Conservative party from embarrassment resonate with us ordinary Canadians? Not with this Canadian!

Via Dr Dawg this:

The line between legitimate RCMP security duties and the media management imperatives of a politically sensitive Prime Minister's Office appeared to be scuffed once again this week on the election trail.
"Keep them out," Harper aide Ray Novak shouted at the RCMP security detail as journalists approached Dona Cadman.

CTV's Rosemary Thompson was literally yanked aside by one Mountie as she approached the retreating group - which did not include the prime minister.
The incident followed an earlier episode in the campaign's first week when the RCMP was employed to thwart a CTV camera crew in St. Eustache, Que., on the day the Tories suspended campaign spokesman Ryan Sparrow.

"I want that camera out of there," Harper spokeswoman Carolyn Stewart Olsen told a Mountie, who somewhat apologetically obliged.

Come on people! Do we really want a government that is shit scared of public service employees, the media and has a mania for secrecy that skirts close to edge of the law?

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