Tuesday, 9 September 2008


The more you work through the "Dionbook" the more detached from reality it becomes.

Take this entry.

Cosmopolitan Elites

Relationship Status: The nuclear family is so passee
Political Views: Champagne Socialism
Interests: Feeling morally superior to the unwashed masses, Passing fads, Wealth redistribution schemes, Fines wines, Europe, Democratic Party Internal Machinations
Activities: Reading the Toronto Star and Globe & Mail editorial pages, Attending trendy cocktail parties, Being fashionably late, Eating hot dogs with kitchen utensils, Looking down on others
Schooling: Private Schools and Academies
College: Only the finest Canadian and American Universities
Post Grad: Multiple doctorates on esoteric subjects

Groups (or Identifiable traits)
I ♥ Europe
I wish I could pay even more taxes
Populist fulminations drive me up the wall
Pretending to care about the little guy makes me feel good about myself
Your (sic) telling me there are whole Provinces in between Vancouver and Toronto?
Bashing America allows me to have a sense of national identity

The Middle Class

This whole site is, and I quote, “Authorized by the registered agent of the Conservative Party of Canada”

As I keep commenting everywhere, that endorsement means that the CPoC officially believes this shit. Young, University Educated urban residents are the enemy of the Middle Class and Farmers.

That is the Conservative Platform.



Ken Breadner said...

It's pathetically easy to write this stuff about the Conservatives, if you want to. You can even use some of the same lines. Don't tell me Harper's minions aren't looking down on people. They also believe in wealth redistribution: they take money from taxpayers and give it to corporations.
They better watch it--going this negative, this early is almost certain to backfire.

Catelli said...

Ken I really hope that this isn't the start of an ever spiraling race to the bottom.

M@ said...

Ken, you and I have disagreed on many, many things. But I could not agree with you more on this: they're going for the easiest, cheapest shots they can take, the kind of stuff that basically says "OPPONENTS BAD LOL SUPPORTERS GOOD OMG ROFLOL!!!!11!ONE!!"

It's a sad, sad thing. If an undecided voter were swayed by this... wow. god help us all.

Raphael Alexander said...

The vacuous twits that write the Conservative campaign are the single greatest enemy of the Conservative campaign.

Catelli said...


Well Harper and team better come up with more policies than a 2 cent tax cut over 4 years for diesel.

Until they get more meaty content, all that's left is the "Stephane Dion is Weak" tag-line.

And that one ran out of gas a long time ago. And as you know, I am not a Dion fan. As you allude to, the more the Conservatives keep this up, I just might be again out of sympathy.